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Founded by a team of experts who have many years of experience perfecting fast and efficient deliveries within the healthcare industry. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for RX Delivery Service. Our highly trained representatives, dispatchers, and couriers take pride in being professionals in providing the most efficient same day deliveries with the utmost quality.

Our company propels under its’ values of Reliability, Efficiency, Affordability, and Flexibility. RX Delivery Service has been working with pharmacies, home care agencies, and medical supply companies for transporting their medical service needs to wherever their client may be. Our HIPPA compliant medical couriers are highly trained, bonded, and supplied with proper equipment to complete deliveries 24hrs a day, seven days a week. Time is of the essence for RX Delivery Service; hence your deliveries will be on time every time.

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    Please contact us to discuss your options and how we can help your business better services your patients and clientele.

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    After getting prescription make the list of your ordered medications and supplies, have us delivered them to your patients.

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    Feel relaxed as we will deliver your orders right at the moment you need.




RX Delivery Service’s team of highly trained, HIPPA compliant couriers specialize in delivering medications to a wide variety of medical facilities and homes. We provide deliveries of medicines, including but not limited to opioids, infusions, injectables, vaccines, and nutritional supplements. Different speeds of delivery ranging from Emergency, STAT to Routine are available throughout Southern CA. We, at RX Delivery Service, value confidentiality with great importance. To secure complete confidentiality and privacy, RX Delivery Service uses a digital tracking system that ensures each delivery gets to where it is going and into the hands of the person to which it belongs. If you have an important pharmaceutical delivery that must be on time, RX Delivery Service is available and ready to service you with the utmost quality 24/7.


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